Nearly all businesses - whatever their size - use some form of network. As soon as two or more computers are used, they need to communicate with each other so they can share common files, databases, business application software etc. And most businesses use various methods of working together that require networks, such as outsourcing and partnerships.

With improvements in network capacity and the ability to work wirelessly or remotely, successful businesses should regularly revaluate their needs and their IT infrastructure.

Benefits of Network Infrastructure

Improve communication

By connecting your computers and working on standardised systems, you will see major improvements to communication - internally and externally.

  • Your staff, suppliers and customers are well placed to share information and get in touch more easily.
  • A greater degree of information sharing can make your business more efficient and profitable, thus making you a more competitive industry player.
  • As staff can share information about customers (such as account details and histories) they are better equipped to deal with queries and deliver a better standard of service.

Cut costs and raise efficiency

By storing information in one centralised database of information and streamlining working practices, you can significantly reduce costs and improve efficiency.

  • Staff can deal with more customers at the same time by accessing customer and product databases - leading to greater productivity.
  • Network administration can be centralised, so less IT support is required.
  • Costs are cut through sharing of printers, scanners, external discs, tape drives and internet access.

Reducing errors

As all staff are working from a single source of information, you will see fewer errors and better consistency.

  • Standard versions of manuals and directories can be made available to everyone.
  • Data can be backed up from a single point on a scheduled basis, ensuring consistency.

Network Infrastructure solution includes

  • Installation Services for Structured Cabling Systems
  • Consultation
  • Site Survey
  • Design
  • Implementation
  • Testing,Commissioning and Cut-over
  • Handover and Documentation






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